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There are currently 50 million midlife women in the U.S. today, entering midlife with menopausal strife, and wrestling with frustration to recapture identity or find purpose. Compounding these irritations, the industry main education for women is on menstrual, pregnancy, and fertility health.

Since no two women are alike, it can be a daunting process on where to turn, so I founded Your Second Season and  based it on 3 pillars: Live in purpose, Achieve Identity and Understand your emotional and physical well-being.  Your Second Season has gathered the fragmented information and placed it under one umbrella.  We bring midlife experts and advocates  from across the U.S. and centralize the information for you, so it is easily navigated, so you can take that  first step with confidence and master your second season of life. Your Second Season, your second half, your second act,  your midlife years should be amazing and exciting!  It should be a life-changing, empowering wisdom-filled passage as we enter into this transition.   Let us support you by helping you master your own path so you live in a healthy and thriving second season.    

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A note from Susan – Founder of Your Second Season (YSS)

“Just deal with it.” “It is all in your head.” “It is just menopause,” I am told, over and over again, as I am ushered back to the exit sign, pondering the confusion I still feel leaving the doctor’s office. 

I reach home and refuse to be defeated.  I pull out my chair, and with my small desktop fan, I dive into the world of Google.  All I want to know is if my racing heart, lack of focus, feeling flat, low libido and hair loss is tied to additional feelings of a lack of purpose, menopause symptoms, and need for identity.  Is it a combination of everything, or do I have something seriously wrong with me?

Typing feverishly, as I search my many physical symptoms and emotional angst, my Google experience is like an exploding star following another exploding star.  So many directions to choose:  “Who do I trust?” “What study is correct?”  “What was that side effect again?”  It makes my head spin.  So  I give up, lean back in my chair, bring my fan closer to my face, and mumble “Just deal with it.”   

I developed Your Second Season as a result of personal struggles to understand why I wasn’t feeling “right” and to find purpose as my children left home when I turned 50.

I started to explore this transition (my second season) and found myself annoyed with the negative stereotype associated with “older women.” The lack of support and fragmented resources were also frustrating, and I found it very difficult to understand what was happening to me. I felt like a storm was brewing inside my body and I didn’t know what to do. The concept of “you don’t know, what you don’t know” was the one thing that was very clear to me. I went on a mission to seek answers and found many women felt like me:  uncertainty, isolation, with thoughts of ” I am invisible and no one understands” . The void that surrounds this community of women is glaringly apparent. We need to come together and talk about this midlife change.  I ask that you join our robust Facebook group community that will connect you with many like-minded women.  We laugh together and there are a lot of tips and solutions with Facebook, and weekly podcasts to help you navigate your midlife journey.

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