Between the Sheets: How to Have the Best Sex of Your Life After 50!

“When I’m good,
I’m very good,
But when I’m bad,
I’m better.”
~ Mae West
Let’s get the elephant out of the room – there’s a rumor out there that your sex life starts to peter out when you turn 40 (or even younger!). But luckily, that just isn’t true!
Did you know you can actually have the best sex of your life after you turn 50? Seriously, the kind of stuff they write about in romance novels can actually come true right in your own bedroom. However, you have to get your mind right first – you simply can’t expect sex to look like it used to. You probably aren’t going to be able to bend that way anymore, and it may take you a little longer to get in the mood. Even so, the best sex of your life is still possible.
Not convinced?
Nothing good comes without a little bit of work. So, here are some of our best tips for those sexual seductresses out there who want to have great sex after 50.
Be Grateful: Accept That Your Body Isn’t What It Used to Be
Our bodies obviously change with age. No biggie! But the first thing you need to do is accept that your body may not be the rock solid, bendy version it used to be – and that’s ok! By this point in your life, you’ve probably gained and lost some weight, maybe you’ve had a few kids, you’ve likely had your fair share of wine and cheese, and you may look a little differently than you used to. The good news is that no one expects women over 50 to look like supermodels (though your partner should always make you feel like one).
Once you start to love and accept your body and stop looking for ways to conceal it, you will start to enjoy better sex with every year you age. Keep the lights on, take that t-shirt off, and put on a show. After all, your body is a miraculous thing, and you (and your partner) should enjoy it!
Be Creative: Think About Different Positions
It’s time to harness your inner goddess! As we age, we start to get aches and pains that we didn’t expect. It happens to the best of us. While you could stay on your knees for an extended period of time in your 30s, by 50, it likely isn’t possible. But once you get more comfortable with your body, you will stop worrying if things aren’t as perky as they once were. Just keep trying different things (and positions) until you find what works for you and gives you pleasure.
You don’t have to live in missionary style! Never forget that you can always switch around a few times and use pillows for more natural positioning, so you stay comfortable, aroused, and pleasured.
Be Safe: If You Have Different Partners, Be Careful
Many women think that once they can no longer carry children, they don’t have to worry about safe sex. But that is definitely not the case! If you’re having sex over 50, you still need to think about protection. Did you know that nursing homes have been known to be STD hotspots? Yes, it sounds crazy, but you don’t want to contract anything embarrassing at your age (or any age really, but at 50, you can’t feign that you didn’t know better). Just make sure you practice safe sex if you are changing partners and that you get tested regularly. Have fun, enjoy yourself, but make your own safety a priority!
Be Adventurous: Try Something New That You’ve Always Wanted to Do
Roleplay? Spanking? Hot tubs? Threesomes? What have you always wanted to do but you haven’t had the chance (or guts) to try? If you want to have the best sex of your life after 50, you may need to fulfill some of those fantasies you’ve always entertained in your head instead of your bed!
While you will still need to be safe, especially if you have a fantasy that involves more physical movement then you are used to, you owe it yourself to make your fantasies a reality.
Just one word to the wise – be careful, and don’t make your grown kids bail out their parents because you decided to go for it in a movie theater. Although buttery popcorn can be fun!
Be Fit: Prioritize Your Physical Fitness
Great sex after 50 starts with great stamina. You want to ensure that you are keeping up with your cardio to boost your sexual stamina and enjoy every minute! Another thing to think about is what you’re eating. As women, our food intake controls everything from our libidos to how we feel about ourselves. So, while you don’t need to go “aphrodisiac crazy” and slurp down oysters with every meal, you may not want to try your new crazy sex position right after a feast of broccoli and cabbage with garlic sauce.
Sex after 50 (or 70 or 80!) doesn’t have to be something that happens once a year and then you pack away the lingerie until next summer. No way! Instead, sex can still be something that you look forward to on a weekly (or daily) basis. You just need to set some new expectations, take care of your physical needs, relax a bit, and let your inner seductress out to play more often!
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