Your Second Season Podcast

Listen up, ladies! Let us empower your midlife journey with our Podcast!

 Your Second Season has gathered the midlife fragmented information and placed it under one umbrella.  We bring midlife experts from across the U.S. and centralize the information for you, so you are able to master your personal midlife journey with confidence.

Your Co-Hosts:  Susan and Cynthia take a deep dive into the mysterious world of midlife (45+ years old) with honest, humorous, relatable, and candid conversations with field experts and amazing, thriving women. We laugh, giggle and sometimes cry as we glean many tips to muster through this journey called midlife. We are two women in our 50’s and between the 2 of us we have: 1 husband,1 boyfriend,7 kids,1 grandbaby, 1 teenager, anxiety, multiple-night sweats, mood swings, sleepless nights, and several pets.

It’s here: She Said, He Said Series! Susan and Cynthia defend the women as Larry and Mike from “Manopause” (a site for men over 50) state that women who work don’t do more around the house than men. Watch the video and see who won the argument!!

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A few of our podcast includes:

Emily Nagoski:  Ph.D. in Health Behavior , a sex educator and a New York Times Best selling author. (Click on photo for a snippet from her episode)


Dr. Northrup: Women’s Health Expert, Visionary Health Pioneer, 3 times best selling author, and featured on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah! (Click on photo for a snippet from her episode)


Linda Graham: Mom to Ashley Graham (Ashley Graham is an American super model, television presenter and a body positive activist.)  Episode soon to come

And so much more…..


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