Sensual and sexual wellness is a  large part of a midlife women

Sexual and sensual health is as important as physical and mental health. Our bodies need to be touched, adored and most importantly we need to keep using it. . We take care of our face and skin with moisturizers and cleansers, we exercise to protect our heart and increase  muscles mass by lifting weights, we need to do the same for our vaginas. Our vaginas and pelvic floor need some TLC especially as we get older, just like everything else we do for our aging body.

Running is good for our hearts so is sexual activity. Sex  is good for our hearts, helps strengthen pelvic floor muscles (which helps bladder control and orgasms), increase blood flow and can gives us a surge of good feeling hormones. We need to keep increasing the blood flow to all our organs and tissues and that includes our vaginas. Practicing sexual health with or without a partner, is good for our bodies, our mental and physical health.

Tips and solutions coming soon.