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Your Midlife Reinvention

Women’s Midlife Reinvention Conference

Hosted by Your Second Season 

Greetings ladies – Where a community of women comes together to Explore, Reinvent and Awaken the You!

Take an afternoon off to be with a community of women for a fun-filled, spirited, afternoon with amazing speakers to engage and interact for intimate and life-changing conversations. Grab a cocktail and explore pop-up specifically catered to you and discover new ways to develop your inner passion.



The Omaha Design Center

Omaha, Nebraska
March 22nd, 2019
Starts at 1:00

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Explore, Reinvent, and Awaken your You!


meet your community…you’re not alone


Reignite your JOY ZONE!

Andee Hoig


our hot mess

4 break out sessions


Dancing Queen Time

explore the pop -up’s


Will, I ever feel normal again

Dr. Gina Harper-Harrison


Our hot mess

4 breakout sessions


FOrever friendships

Grab a cocktail and shop


A Quest for Purpose: Finding your path to the true you

Susan Koenig


Rated 4x: age 40 and over

panel discussion- Sexual Health


Girls wanna have fun

vino, celebrate, and shop




Mom to supermodel Ashley Graham, Linda will inspire you as your host. Linda has appeared on Good Morning America, Steve Harvey, The Talk, Celebrity Family Feud, and American Beauty Star.  At age 53, Linda donned a bikini and joined Ashley by modeling in the 2018 Swimsuits for All campaign. Despite the glamour and celebrity, Linda has faced her share of adversity. When her 26-year marriage ended, Linda started over and reprogrammed her life with exercise, good nutrition and travel, refusing to let hardship define her.   A devoted mother and grandmother to three adult daughters and two grandchildren, Linda has spent the last decade helping to educate special needs children.


Gina Harper-Harrison, MD

Menopause Specialist

CHI Health Clinic Women’s Health


Dr. Gina Harper-Harrison is certified by the North American Menopause Society. This certification means Dr. Harper-Harrison is a healthcare provider who has demonstrated special competence in the field of menopause and is interested in helping women manage their health through menopause and beyond.

Andrea L. “Andee” Hoig
Founder & CEO – Global Coordinator
ALH Publications, Inc.

Andee is passionate about life, love, giving back and helping others, especially women in creating a life that is nothing less than AWESOME! She is the founder and CEO of ALH Publications, which includes metroMAGAZINE, The Giving Guide & Event Book and 101 Things to Love about the metro! Andee speaks from the heart and isn’t afraid to get REAL and engage her audience in inspiring conversation. When she is not creating in her publishing business, she is creating out in the world especially health and wellness opportunities for herself and others … including workshops, participating in 5K’s, writing a book, speaking about healthy living – healthy giving  … why? because it brings her JOY!
Andee has received numerous awards during her 25 plus year publishing career including:
  • 2004 Midland’s Business Journal 40 under 40 honoree
  • 2005 ABWA Successful Business Woman of the Year (American Business Women’s Association)
  • 2009 WCA’s Tribute to Women honoree
  • 2012 She and her father were the first Father/Daughter duo to be honored by the Omaha Press Club’s Face on the Barroom Floor

Susan Ann Koenig

(402) 346-1132


Susan Ann Koenig is a passionate advocate and masterful guide. As an attorney turned speaker, writer, and executive life coach she empowers women on their unique path forward. A TEDx Omaha speaker, Susan is a former adjunct at Creighton University School of Law where she taught Women and the Law. She co-authored Divorce in Nebraska which has been replicated in over 30 states. Among her, numerous awards are the NSBA Outstanding Contributor to Women and the Law and a 2018 WCA Tribute to Women Honoree. Susan is a graduate of Drake University summa cum laude, Northeastern University School of Law, and the Academy for Coaching Excellence. Her wisdom can be found at

Breakout Sessions

2:15-2:45 Passion to Purpose: Katie Weitz, Ph.D.,  Advokatie

The Thyroid Formula: Dr. Lisa Staudt  D. C.  Relief Care Chiropractic

2:15-2:45 Meditation & Mindfulness for a tranquil mind & peaceful heart: Deb Welk, Yoga Now
2:15-2:45 Women and Financial Wellness: Kathryn Schubert, CFP ® First Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor
4:30-5:00 Nutrition Fundamentals: Dr. Lisa Staudt, D.C., Relief Care Chiropractic
4:30-5:00 How to make your wardrobe match your lifestyle: Beth Reher, “Style Specialist”
4:30-5:00 Great Sex after 50: Brier Jirka, LIMHP, Certified Sex Therapist
4:30-5:00 How to balance your hormones: Dr. Jaime Seeman, OBGYN; BioTe

Breakout Session Speakers

Dr. Lisa Staudt  D. C.  Relief Care Chiropractic

Dr. Lisa Staudt, D.C. is a chiropractic physician of 20+ years, weight loss specialist, and an author of her upcoming book, The Thyroid Formula. Dr. Lisa has a passion to help people evolve to a healthy lifestyle through nutrient dense food, high-quality supplements, and fitness. Dr. Lisa is a mom of 3 teenagers, a former fitness/figure competitor, loves to travel, and enjoys creating good healthy meals for family and friends. You can follow Dr. Lisa at


The Thyroid Formula: Your complete blueprint to evolve your health and conquer low energy, weight gain, & hair loss, so you can live the best radiant, vibrant life in Your Second Season

Katie Weitz, PhD

Co-Founder, AdvoKatie 2015, Dr. Weitz began using social media and events to raise money, awareness and support advocacy strategies for those community and political issues close to her heart.  Whether it was a birthday event showcasing non-profit advocacy opportunities or speed dating with political candidates (candi-dating), Katie has found creative ways to engage her friends, family, and colleagues with non-profit organizations and civic action.  Using traditional and social media, Katie helped orchestrate Warren Buffett’s Drive 2 Vote campaign, as well as created case-studies that have been shared as templates in other communities. With a focus on shared learning and empowering individuals within our democracy, AdvoKatie has provided a platform for Dr. Weitz to take her passion to a new level of efficacy.  


Passion to Purpose

Kathryn Schubert, CFP®
Vice President
Wealth Management Advisor
Portfolio Manager
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Inc.
The Lassek & Schubert Group


Empower Women To Take Control of their Financial Lives

Inspire/empower women to take control of their financial lives. This talk focuses on the understanding that women view money as a way to finance the life they want to live. Women want their relationship with money to be linked to their valuesgoals, and priorities.


Brier Jirka is a licensed independent mental health practitioner and a certified sex therapist. She has a passion to help individuals through their toughest times. She specializes in treating women, couples and teens with an unbiased, honest and open approach.


Great Sex after 50

Beth Reher
“Style Specialist”

Fashion Event Manager – Omaha Fashion Week
Corporate Event Manager – Omaha Design Center
Wardrobe Consultant and Event & Fashion Coordinator – Dillards

Beth Reher has been involved with fashion for over thirty years specializing in styling and producing fashion shows. Beth has helped to create many community special events and fundraisers offering wardrobe building seminars & workshops, fashion shows, and event planning.


How to make your wardrobe match your lifestyle
Learn how to add current trends, color, and designs to your wardrobe that will flatter all body types and ages. Master the art of accessorizing learning tips and tricks to enhance your look. Gain confidence in fashion with suggestions of how to make your wardrobe match your lifestyle.


Deb Welk

Deb has been affiliated with Yoga Now for many years, she’s a teacher in the community and offers a weekly yoga class targeted directly for the Your Second Season customer. Her class, “Beginner Yoga for 50+”, is offered every Saturday from 11:30-12:45 in Benson. In it, Deb addresses many of the symptoms of peri-menopause as well as menopause.  As you probably know, yoga promotes bone density, memory recall and reduces stress and anxiety. All of the “fun” things we deal with as we age!


Meditation and Mindfulness for a Tranquil Mind and Peaceful Heart



Dr. Lisa Staudt  D. C.  Relief Care Chiropractic


Nutrition Fundamentals






Dr. Jaime Seeman, OBGYN

Dr. Seeman was born and raised in Nebraska, growing up in the outskirts of Lincoln, NE. She did her undergraduate training at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she was a collegiate athlete for the Cornhuskers receiving many awards and honors. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences and has a special interest in this area. She then attended the University of Nebraska School of Medicine where she received her Doctor of Medicine degree. She then went on to complete her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Nebraska Medical College serving as a Chief Resident.


How to Balance your Hormones

Panel Discussion on Sexual Health

Denise Pollard, MSN, APRN, BC
Restore You

Denise Pollard is a board certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. She is certified in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Ms. Pollard is a member of Nebraska Nurse Practitioners and The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners


Brier Jirka is a licensed independent mental health practictoner and a certified sex therapist. She has a passion to help individuals through their toughest times. She specializes in treating women, couples and teens with an unbiased, honest and open approach.

Gina Harper-Harrison, MD

Menopause Specialist

Dr. Gina Harper-Harrison is certified by the North American Menopause Society. This certification means Dr. Harper-Harrison is a healthcare provider who has demonstrated special competence in the field of menopause and is interested in helping women manage their health through menopause and beyond.



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Relief Care Chiropractic

Chip Thompson Design


The Lassek, Schubert, Stoddard Group




Relief Care Chiropractic







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