Unwanted weight gain, bloated belly, a removed gall bladder, anxiety, hot flashes, night sweat, digestion issues, and more. Our bodies are unique to us, and we need to understand and get to know our beautiful bodies again. It is not about being too skinny or too fat but being healthy.

I am 54-year-old functional nutritionist women.  I have life experiences with loss, heart ache, frustration, and unwanted body changes.  We need to heal and find peace in the myriad levels of death and loss to become steadfast in our thoughts and health.

Let me help you loosen those knots of frustration, vulnerabilities, confusion, envy, rejection and shame. I will empower you by connecting you back to your emotional and physical body. To strengthen you through education and come to understand why your body is changing, why your body is having unwanted symptoms and how you can heal it.

As your connection occurs, your internal systems align, and awareness emerges so change happens. You will begin to see “your” bigger picture and how you fit uniquely in life. We will develop an action plan for your health so you can move forward to a healthy, fulfilled life.

Not Too Skinny, Not Too Fat, Just Heathy

If interested in our programs – Contact Susan Runnels, a certified functional nutritionist at Susanrunnels4@gmail.com




DISCLAIMER:: Susan Runnels is a certified functional Nutritionist. She is not a medical doctor  or Mental Health Professional.  She is not a substitute for these services.  Please contact your family doctor for those services.  Susan is at liberty to use her judgment/intuition and refuse service to anyone she chooses.  No refunds will be issued after the completion of your session.