Your midlife years is a journey where self-advocacy rears up, grabs your shoulders and looks you straight in the eyes and says… “IT’s TIME!” The time is yours to become an advocate for yourself in health, purpose and identity. It is time to step into your journey with radiance and confidence.

However, to start the journey can be daunting and confusing because of all the swirling information it is hard to find what is true? or What products works?  or What doesn’t work? What are good books to read? or what are a waste of time ….. And the list goes on…….

Your Second Season has your back and we have gleaned from your likeminded sisters, their advice, products and books that have worked for them.  We want to help dig through all the information to help you start your journey, so you don’t need to suffer and begin to feel confident stepping into this transition.

Take some advice from your YSS sisters. It worked for them and it may work for you. Also  if you haven’t joined our private Facebook group where laughter, tips, solution and connectedness with likeminded women can help you through the day. Please join us, Enjoy the journey to rediscover the true you!

**Always check with your health care provider before you try something new.



Sexual wellness books


Sexual Wellness Toys

Lubricant and Moisturizers

2019 Favorite books 

Sleep Remedies

“100mg with dinner then another 100mg at bedtime with a swallow of juice to metabolize”
“A large handful at night, high level of melatonin”

More to come