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Our Mission: To develop a strong community of women, experiencing the unique challenges and triumphs of being a woman entering, during and after midlife. To educate and inform women in areas of  Identity, Purpose, Physical and Mental Well-Being.

Your transition into your second season includes women ages 40 and up.  This transition lends itself to women coping with multiple life co-stressors. We may look into the mirror and wonder who we are and why we are here (Identity and Purpose),  or what happens once kids start leaving for college. We may deal with:  financial issues, re-evaluating life goals and work, aging parents, being divorced ot widowed, sleeplessness, weight gain, fatigue, anxiety, menopause, sadness and many more. (Mental and Physical Well – Being).  Life becomes blurred and sometimes we feel smothered with our emotions.   Your Second Season wants to serve you by educating and creating awareness for you in your Identity, Purpose, Physical and Mental Well-Being.

“So excited for this one of a kind conference focusing on issues unique to empty nesters!”

Tonya Lewis


“What this country needs now is the collective wisdom of women who have thrived through life”


Susan Koenig

“Thanks to Susan and this much needed conference, YOUR SECOND SEASON. You will connect with other women in these middle years, and hear great talks from dynamic speakers.  The latest information on topics like hormones & our changing bodies, empowerment, nutrition & your thyroid, sex, finances, and mindfulness will all be presented throughout the day.  This fun-filled day will open your eyes and help ignite you onto a path that will help you make your 40’s, 50’s and beyond to be healthy and happy years…. You don’t want to miss this event!

Lisa Staudt

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